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Retaining Walls

Without a retaining wall, a rocky slope or steep hill can quickly turn your lush grass into a mud pit, destroying your landscaping and sending your topsoil straight into the storm sewer. At Angel’s Landscaping, we build custom retaining walls that keep your yard looking beautiful by keeping loose soil and dirt where it belongs. Call us today 425-457-1890 for your FREE Estimate!

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More About Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are an important structural landscaping feature that stops run-off and soil erosion. Does your house sit on a steep hill? We can also create a retaining wall to level a sloping yard, maximizing flat space available for an entertaining patio, pool or children’s outdoor play space.

While retaining walls serve an important structural purpose, they don’t have to be an eyesore in your otherwise well manicured yard. At Angel’s Landscaping, our tapered construction designs and creative terracing are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. We can also incorporate platforms or nooks for displaying garden art, pottery and plants.

Many of our homeowners prefer the look and feel of natural, drystacked stone. While a drystacked stonewall may not seem strong enough to hold back a hillside, in reality, these walls can be very strong and even withstand earthquakes! The key to a successful retaining wall is planning and careful construction. When working with drystacked walls, our team will slightly angle each rock into the slope, ensuring a tight and stable fit. Terraces created by drystacked stonewalls are sustainable landscapes that are easy to maintain.

Building a retaining wall and terraced landscaping requires skill and expertise. Our team has substantial experience with both design and construction, and can offer you plenty of creative retaining wall ideas. Retaining wall blocks can also be used to create beautiful elevated planters and multi-height, freestanding wall systems.

Whenever possible, we use locally sourced stone and recycled materials to minimize our carbon footprint and conserve resources. Our concrete and stone blocks are also free from toxic chemicals that could leach into topsoil.

After a decade of experience, we are retaining wall construction specialists. Our unique level of expertise and excellent client relationships set us apart in the industry.