Yard Cleanup & Waste Removal


Yard & Garden Cleanup

Need a full overhaul or a simple yard clean-up? Call us, and we’ll make it happen in no time. Our expert team is there for your every need. You’ll have a clean garden in no time.  We have an eye for detail and can make your yard a better living space to enjoy all year round.
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More about Our Work

Fall Cleanup Services

  • We’ll remove all debris from your lawn, garden and landscapes.
  • Debris includes tree limbs, leaves, and yard waste.
  • We’ll rake up all of your leaves & will haul them away for you.
  • We pull up all annuals from your beds, containers, and urns and prep the soil.
  • We’ll cut back your perennials so that they’ll be ready to shoot up and out come spring.
  • You have a choice between us coming to your home for one visit or scheduled maintenance programs to get your lawn and landscape ready for a long winter’s sleep.
  • We’ll fertilize your beds and lawn so all of your plants can develop strong and deep root systems.
  • We’ll add mulch around your trees and shrubs as well as in your flower beds. This will help protect tender plants and roots over the winter. Plus, fall mulch gives a tidied look to your property.
  • We can plant new trees and shrubs for you until the ground is frozen.
  • We perform mowing after the first few frosts before the grass stops growing for the year. We can give your lawn a short, clean cut at the end of the season to help it go dormant over the winter. This close cut will also prevent any mold or lawn diseases from developing over the winter months.

Are you ready to get your lawn and landscape ready for winter? If you live in Bellevue, Kirkland, Woodinville, Mill Creek, Redmond, Snohomish
Bothell, Mukilteo, Monroe or Everette call us today at 425-457-1890 or fill out our contact form at here.